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                       Belair Technologies | Business Broadband

 Tel : CANADA / E.-U. - 1.888.755.7798 -  Local - 514.416.8088



Physical, Data and Network layers 1-2-3, On all mediums (copper, optical, wireless, lifi*)

Carrier grade performance, Construction, Connectivity, Monitoring, Reporting & Network Management.

Belair Technologies services at a glance: WISP: Tier 1, Data center: Tier 1, ISP: Tier 1, VoIp:Tier 3.

On site or remotely our team of fully qualified expert technicians can work alone or along side existing partners.

Wireless engineering at it's finest, Whether it's wireless coverage for your firm, hotel, yard or any size local be it indoor or outdoor, Belair Technologies can undertake any project that you have in mind.

Belair Technologies layer services are fully supported by our 4 hour service level agreement (SLA).

Instantly Go Live with premium broadband 20 KM+ radius in and around the Island of Montreal or Laval.

Belair Technologies - The Team

Konstantin Matzaras (President, Chief Wireless/Network Engineering), Rolf Paulussen (VP, Network Engineer, Sales, Admin), Jean Matzaras (CFO, Accounts) , Kirk Matzaras (VP Western Divisions, Accounts), Alexander Sebastian Matzaras(Jr Technician, Web Admin), Brian Luker( VP Norther Sector, Senior Technician), Claude Belanger( Senior Technician, retired), Andre Ouellette (Heavy Machinery construction Manager), Triad Management (Immovable aerial assets and data center mngm), Simon Aronis (Wlan Tech retired), John Walls (Aerial Sites Contributor), Lucien Durocher (President construction, towers, aerial assets), Raynald Corriveau (Aerial Sites & Construction Contributor).

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